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Chandeliers | Ceiling Lights | ROBINSON Lighting & Bath

Chandelier Light

Discover Our Collection of Chandelier Light Fixtures


Add a touch of style while making a statement with a chandelier light from ROBINSON Lighting & Bath. Place one in virtually any space ranging from a formal dining room to a bedroom, living room or bathroom for an elevated look. We offer styles to suit every need whether you’re in search of something contemporary, classic or rustic. Choose from various heights, colours, and illumination levels to find the perfect piece for your living space. Our chandelier light fixtures blend functionality with impressive designs to ensure just the right amount of ambience.

Chandelier Ceiling Light Styles


Chandelier lights are a fantastic way to add a stunning centerpiece in your home. Elevate your home today with a selection of on-trend chandeliers from ROBINSON Lighting & Bath.

We offer a wide selection of popular chandelier styles including candle, crystal, geometric, rectangle, sputnik, and more. Candle chandeliers are perfect for creating a formal and luxurious setting. A crystal chandelier is known to be an eye-catching ceiling light that can produce a romantic aura. We also carry a variety of geometric chandeliers that are enclosed in an ornate design and are an excellent way to add a unique focal point to your home. Rectangle chandeliers are more contemporary in style and often hang from a metal or wood fixture with the light enclosed inside. These are a great choice for a dining room setting. Or, select a modern chandelier to light up any room with a unique design.

Popular Chandelier Light Finishes


In addition to the variety of styles, ROBINSON Lighting & Bath offers a large selection of chandelier light finishes that will accent your existing home decor.

We offer a unique selection of chandelier finishes including popular metals such as brass, nickel and copper, which can add a hint of shine to any room. These finishes are a perfect accent to any stainless steel application and are a great modern touch. If you’re looking for a rustic feel, choose from our brown or bronze finishes. They complement any room that features wood furniture. If you’re in search of extra brightness, consider a chrome, platinum, or silver finish to ensure a show-stopping centerpiece. We also carry a wide selection of pendant chandelier lights in popular black finishes so your home decor is always in style.