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Shower Enclosures | Bathroom Showers | ROBINSON Lighting & Bath

Shower Enclosures

ROBINSON Lighting & Bath is a top destination for finding the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom. Our premium shower enclosures have a variety of options to create a bathroom that suits your needs and style. Browse our collection of shower surrounds and enclosures, and glass shower enclosures that are sure to add function and beauty to your bathroom. Shop online or visit one of our showroom locations for expert advice.  

Types of Shower Enclosures

We offer two types of shower enclosures, which are both excellent options, depending on your needs and style preference. The first type is an alcove shower enclosure that fits into an existing alcove and is offered in various lengths. The alcove shower enclosures work for bathrooms of all sizes and styles. The other type is a corner shower enclosure, which as the name implies, fits into a corner of your bathroom. They are a great choice for bathrooms that don’t have a predetermined shower alcove. They’re also perfect for smaller bathrooms because of their smaller footprint. With either style, you don’t need to sacrifice beauty or functionality when you’re looking for a shower enclosure. 

Shower Enclosure Finishes

Our selection of shower enclosures is available in various styles. Often, a stunning white finish complements various decor choices. Going with a white finish allows for other bold elements, like fixtures, faucets and showerheads, to stand out. Neutral shower enclosures allow for easy coordination to other design choices so you can style your bathroom just like you’ve always dreamed.

Shower Enclosure Brands

All of our shower enclosures are built with quality materials and attention to detail. A popular brand for shower enclosures is Maax. They offer a variety of bathtubs, showers, shower doors, walls and bases. They combine unique looks and well-thought function to their shower enclosures. With a focus on lasting quality and simple solutions that are appreciated by consumers and trade professionals alike, Maax is a leader in shower enclosures in Canada.